The Bearded Clam Sports Bar


Nassau, Bahamas

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The birth of "The Clam"

In 1996, when the owner, Laura, moved from atlanta to belize, she had a choice: Either to drink all the locally produced rum or to sell it.  Well, she chose right, and started the now world famous Bar and restaurant The Wet Lizard in the cruise ship port in Belize City.  years later She met Chip, a former military man from St. Louis while he was working in Belize.   Little did she know, he was a die hard mizzou tigers and st. louis cardinals fan...

Together they decided that the Wet Lizard needed to expand and on a drunken day exploring the jungles of Belize, they came up with the concept of β€œThe Bearded Clam”.  Soon after this alcoholic brainstorming adventure, they opened the clam 1.0 in the cruise ship port in Belize.  After two years of business in Belize, they thought they needed to take their Clam international.  With a little help from a friend, they were able to relocate to Nassau, Bahamas and On May 25th, 2015 the bearded clam, nassau was born.

Stop on by the bar any day of the week and you will be bound to find Laura, Chip, or one of laura's daughters either pouring shots or taking them. come on by and say hello! 

Our Hours

Every day
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Friday and Saturday 5:00 PM  till...


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